Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Back Care Awareness Week: Prevention Begins at School!

Back and neck pain is often seen as only an adult problem but new statistics, along with our own experience of treating children and teens at the Octagon Clinic, suggest this is not the case. Sadly, one quarter of UK secondary school pupils report that they suffer from regular or daily back and/or neck pain. BackCare (the National Back Pain Association) is highlighting this problem during Back Care Awareness Week, 2nd-8th October, and offering solutions to schools to improve pupils back-health. One month into the new-term start your child off with these top Chiropractic tips selected by Octagon Chiro's Hazel and Karen. These should help to keep your kids happy and pain-free throughout the academic year!
The Stats:
  • One quarter of UK secondary school pupils suffer from regular or daily back pain
  • School bag burden was associated with a ten-fold higher rate of back pain
  • Back pain was also linked to prolonged sitting.

    Top Tips to minimise back-pain for your child: 

    Here's the British Chiropractic Association's advice on how to make sure your child's backpack is loaded and carried safely. (Adults worried about how your bag/handbag may be causing you backpain? Here's our  Chiropractor Hazel advice at The Octagon Clinic for safe, spine-friendly bag-carrying.)

    This sheet of top tips for kid's from the British Chiropractic Association's Straighten Up campaign is also great! Featuring exercises, computer posture tips and breathing exercises.
    Here's some fun and kid-friendly stretches we like! Moving more is key.

    We also love the ChiroMoves set of You Tube exercise and stretch clips from Tone at our Surrey sister clinic Luck's Yard. Check them out here, suitable for all ages.

     Find more useful stretches from the team at the Octagon clinic on our blog, from shoulder stretches to this yoga inspired cat/camel stretch to this great rotator cuff exercise. These are child and adult friendly stretches for all!

    Remember we also offer FREE fifteen minute Chiropractic consultations in clinic. Call to book in on 020 8563 2608.


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