Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Exercise of the month - Cat/Camel Stretch

This month we are reviving an old favourite for our exercise of the month. The Cat-Camel Stretch. This stretch is great if you have stiffness or pain in your back.

Cat stretch position 1

Cat stretch position 2

 The Cat-Camel is a great stretch for your back after a day sitting in front of a computer.

This exercise should only be performed with a maximum of 6-10 repetitions and can be done daily.

Starting on all fours you push your stomach towards the floor and tip your head back (picture 1) to make the shape of arching your back, keeping your arms straight (the cat part). 

The second part of the stretch is to push your back up towards the ceiling, letting your head drop down (picture 2) to make the shape of rounding your back (the camel part).

You should feel a stretch at the end range of both movements.

If you feel any pain or stiffness in your back and would like to see if Chiropractic can help you then call - 02085632608 - or email us here at the clinic and book yourself a free 15 minute consultation.

Hazel Dillon is a Chiropractor at the Octagon Clinic

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