Friday, 11 April 2014


How homeopathy can help you beat hay fever

once and for all...

Our immune system is constantly protecting us from viruses, toxins and bacteria. In hay fever something goes wrong and our immune system overreacts to normally harmless pollens and grasses. This gives us a miserable set of symptoms such as itching, burning and watery eyes and nose as well as sneezing and headaches. Although these surface symptoms are very irritating it really is a deep seated complaint. Commonly prescribed sprays and tablets may give temporary relief but they never treat the underlying problem of an over sensitive immune response and can have unwanted side effects.
Four separate studies at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in 2000 showed that Homeopathy was the most effective treatment for de-sensitising an over reactive immune response. Continued treatment will diminish if not eradicate all symptoms as it treats the cause as well as the symptoms . Treatment with a Homeopath will assess all your symptoms in full, make a constitutional prescription which will help you get over the problem once and for all.

Self-help has its limits and is not deep enough to have an effect on the predisposition to hay fever but may help alleviate local symptoms.

Here are some common hay fever remedies and their uses:

  • Arsenicum Album - known for relieving a burning & itching sensation in eyes, nose & throat
  • Allium Cepa - for burning nasal discharge and eye secretion gland
  • Sabadilla - when extreme sneezing is the most prevalent symptom
  • Ambrosia - for extreme itching and watering of the eyes. Take in 30c every 2 hours. If no improvement within 3 doses try another remedy. 

Self Help

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Natural anti-inflammatory herbs can help - a good combo is made by Solaray called QBC
a mixture of Quercetin - from the oak tree, Bromelain - from pineapples and Vit C
3. Eat local honey 1 x teaspoon a day which should contain local pollen to help de-sensitise
4. Apply a thin layer of non absorbent ointment to the inside of the nose to form a protective barrier.
............ and enjoy the good weather !!


 Laura Kenyon LCH RSHom is the Octagon Clinic Homeopath.