Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Exercise of the month - Inner thigh stretch

This is a great stretch to add to your stretching sequence after a workout. If these inner thigh (adductor) muscles get tight you may feel some tenderness around the medial knee or groin area.

Getting into a good start position is important with all stretches - have both legs straight and wide apart with your toes pointing forwards. Bend one leg forward at the knee (you are stretching the leg that stays straight), as you bend this knee you will go sideways towards the bent leg - as you do this keep your body facing forward and don’t let your pelvis twist around.

You will feel this stretch on the inside of your leg from just above your knee and upwards to your groin.

Always stretch after any physical activity as this helps keeps the muscles lengthened and supple after a workout.

Hazel Dillon is a Chiropractor at The Octagon Chiropractic Clinic


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