Monday, 1 July 2013

Exercise of the Month - The Lunge

This month we have chosen the Lunge as our exercise of the month. Traditionally we associate the Lunge with 80's fitness instructors on daytime TV encased in spandax!! However the Lunge is not just an 80's fashion throw back but a great exercise for toning buttocks and thighs and also aids stretching of the hip flexors.

When performing a lunge you don't actually want to come forward as the name would suggest but to go downwards. The word lunge describes a sudden movement forward and in the case of this exercise that relates to the step forward you do with your foot as you go into a standard lunge as apposed to a static lunge.

Chiropractor Hazel Dillon demonstrated the lunge
When doing a Lunge it is important to remember that the leg that is taking all the weight is your front leg - this works the buttock and thigh on that side. 

You may find it easier to develop your lungeing technique by starting with a static lunge next to something that you can support yourself with as you go down so you can get the feel of the exercise.

To perform a static lunge start by standing with your legs wide apart one behind the other - make sure your body is straight facing forwards and that you haven't twisted.

Taking the weight on the front leg lower yourself straight downwards (rather than forwards) so that the back leg bends and the knee of your front leg does not go forward of your toes (see picture).

You will feel the tension in your front leg in the thigh and buttock and you can feel a good stretch in the front of the hip on your back leg.

Once you have mastered the technique of the static lunge you can move on to doing a moving lunge - starting with your feet together you take a large step forward and then go downwards (as with the static lunge) before coming back up and pushing yourself off your front foot back to standing with feet together.

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Hazel Dillon is a Chiropractor at the Octagon Clinic

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