Monday, 18 March 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow

So there was a lot going on this weekend - red nose day and St Patricks Day, but for me the main event of the weekend was getting my hair cut off.

The idea started to take shape last year when a friend of mine was diagnosed with Lymphoma - she was preparing for  her Chemotherapy and had been told that there was a 100% chance that she would lose her hair, due to the drug being used - we discussed all the options of what she could do with her hair and one thing that came up was that she could shave it all off and donate it to charity - brilliant idea.
Before the cut

I'd been toying with the idea of having a new hairstyle and so decided that if I was going to cut my hair off I should do it for a good cause. I decided I wasn't quite brave enough for a full shave so would get a shorter style.

Looking into it further I chose the charity Little Princess Trust, they send your donated hair to a wig factory and in return they get wigs for children who have lost their hair either through Chemotherapy or other illnesses. Bought privately these wigs can cost up to £2000. There were some detailed instructions - one of which is that your hair needs to be 7 inches long at the shortest bit and you need to send it in a ponytail or plait. I was worried that the layers in my hair would render it too short so decided to wait a few months and let them grow out a bit (plus I suddenly felt a little nervous about cutting my hair). 

Skip to now and I decided I needed to get on with it - my hair was getting very long and starting to get in the way - I measured it and I had 8 + inches to offer and so it was time!!

I needed to find a hairdresser - having not had my hair cut for more than 1 year meant I didn't have a local hairdresser, I was recommended to go to Hala Hairdressing, I booked the appointment for the soonest date possible - get it done before I change my mind I thought.

Let the cutting begin
I had to prepare my hair - clean and dry with no product in it - so Friday night the preparation began (so much hair takes a while to dry).

Before I knew it 3pm Saturday afternoon had arrived and I was sitting in the chair waiting for the chop - feeling pretty nervous I can tell you!

We had a chat about the style and what I needed to do with the cut off hair and then we began - in the end when they measured it in the shop the ponytail was 10 inches long.

 One and a half hours later I had an amazing new hairstyle - I am so pleased with it and all my friends love it. Maybe I'll keep it like this for a while, although that means I will have to get a haircut more than once a year.
I would like to say a big Thank you to the lovely Bianca who cut my hair so beautifully and to my friend Tamara for the inspiration who, by the way, is now in complete remission.

Hazel Dillon is a Chiropractor at the Octagon Clinic

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